Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Forgotten Genocide: Conference in St Louis, April 28-9

For two days in St Louis, April-28-9, there will be a conference on the subject of the torture and enslavement of the German people by the allies after the second world war. Many survivors of the atrocities will be there, and students of the history will speak, including Dr. Albert E. Jabs and Mr Henry Fischer.

I will bring my short film entitled Crimes and Mercies, and reveal some of the methods which have been used by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the CIA, and British and French security agents to intimidate me and my publishers and the witnesses who originally told me their sad stories.

Ann Morrison, the energetic convenor, has made a 100 minute film on the subject which will be shown at the conference in the Holiday Inn, southeast St Louis, tel 314 821 6600